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Terry Whitfield

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Terry's Trivia

Terry, who was the toughest pitcher you faced?

Bruce Sutter, he had such great downward movement on his split finger fastball it was really tough to hit.

Who stands out as the pitchers’ with the best fastballs?

Well Nolan Ryan of course.  Tom Seaver had great location and movement on his fastball.   Dwight Gooden in his first few years had great velocity and movement and could be overpowering.   J.R. Richard was also very hard throwing and just wild enough to keep everyone uncomfortable at the plate.

Who had the best curve ball?

Bert Byliven had by far the best curve ball I’ve seen.  It didn’t look like other good curve balls.  Each of his curves had a different break so you couldn’t assume the ball would have the same look as a previous pitch.

If you were going to pick one pitcher from when you played to start the final game of the World Series, who would it be?

Dwight Gooden at the top of his game when he was a young pitcher.

Who do you think was the best pure hitter when you were playing?

Kenny Landau had the purest swing of all the hitters I have ever seen.

Who’s the best pure hitter you’ve ever seen?

Willie Mays

If you had a runner in scoring position and the game on the line, who of the players you played with would you want to come up to bat?


As an outfielder yourself, who was the best defensive outfielder when you were playing?

Dave Winfield

Who do you think had the best arm from the outfield?

Also Dave Winfield for a combination of strength and accuracy.

Last question, who you think is the best ball player of the last 50 years?

Willie Mays—no question about it.



"I found Terry Whitfield's coaching clinic to be a very valuable experience for my own coaching, and I was able to teach my players many of his techniques to improve their skills."

- Mark Nelson, Little League Coach



"In working with older kids, the mental part of pitching becomes increasingly important.  If a student has mastered his mechanics, the key to his success is going to be his understanding of how to use his pitches.  Tom Glavine doesn't throw any harder than a lot of high school kids, but it's not an accident he's won more games than Nolan Ryan.  I particularly enjoy teaching the mental part of the game to my older students."

- Ed Ricks