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Terry Whitfield

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LED Pitchers

The new LED Pitcher will increase the fun at batting cages.  The portrait of a pitcher sets in motion and throws the ball to the batter and can be set up with standard pitching machines.  The batter can be ready to swing the bat as the LED Pitcher winds up and throws. 

  • Attracts more visitors to batting cages
  • Make your batting cages unique and more fun
  • Indoor or outdoor use
  • Right & left hand models available
  • Baseball or softball images

See it in action - click the video below

Available Models

  • Standard - Outdoor use (Model SO-201)
  • Standard - Indoor use (Model SI-202)
  • High-end - Indoor use (Model HI-203)
  • Ground use (Model GU-204)

Sample ImageFull color model provides even more realistic pitching!

 Other batting cage products that can be used with the LED Pitcher:

  • Ball Counter (Model BC-20)
  • Pre-paid card reader (Model CR-3)




"Terry Whitfield is not only an extremely knowledgeable batting coach; he has a great skill for communicating his knowledge to children.  That is why I take my son to see Terry."

- Dusty Baker, former manager of the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs

Sample Image



"The job of the pitching coach is to take a complex bio-mechanical process and break it down into a series of simple movements that can be learned in sequence by his student.  You have to learn from each student what's going to work for them in understanding these concept and your style and approach to each individual."

- Ed Ricks