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Terry Whitfield

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The Best Batting Cages in the Bay Area

 Future Pro is an indoor state-of-the-art batting cage facility which also provides professional level batting and pitching instruction for players of all ages looking to develop and improve their baseball skills.

  • LED pitching machines for baseball and softball
  • Special toss machines for hitters of all ages
  • Bats and helmets are also available
  • Clinics for coaches and teams available
  • Easy freeway access from 101 and 280 

Future Pro uses LED pitching machines for a life like and realistic batting cage experience. These machines have LED pitchers which go into a full wind-up and release the batting practice balls from what appears to be the pitchers hand. The balls look like real baseballs, instead of the usual yellow dimple balls found in most batting cages, and they can be delivered at three useful speed ranges: slow, medium and fast. The training of hitters in batting cages to synchronize their swing mechanics to the timing of a pitcher’s motion has a very substantial benefit over the use of standard pitching machines. Amazingly, Future Pro's LED batting cages are actually cheaper than the standard pitching machines at two other well-known Peninsula baseball facilities.

For batting cage reservations, call either Terry or Ed (reservations recommended)

  • LED simulated pitcher
  • Fast pitch, slow pitch
  • Pick ball speed
  • Soft toss machine
  • See ball travel
  • No ball pickup
  • Bats and helmets available

1 round    20 balls
3 rounds
   60 balls
10 rounds
   200 balls
20 rounds
   400 balls
Cage Rental $70/hour or $45/half hour - All you can hit
Batting lessons and pitching instructions $55/half hour


"Terry Whitfield is not only an extremely knowledgeable batting coach; he has a great skill for communicating his knowledge to children.  That is why I take my son to see Terry."

- Dusty Baker, former manager of the San Francisco Giants and Chicago Cubs

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"With the younger students, I stress the need to throw with sound mechanics which must be repeated every time he throws. Only by repeating the same movements every time can a pitcher master control of his pitches. Pitching is not about throwing hard, it's about throwing the ball where the pitcher wants it to go."

- Ed Ricks